Generac 12.0 Liter Diesel # 0A5399 Engine Maintenance Kit 

Generac 12.0 Liter Diesel Engine# 0A5399 
ME051727 Engine Maintenance Kit 
(6) 106-A5399 Valve Cover Gaskets
(1) 445-A5399 Oil Filter Element Kit, Main Oil Filter and By-pass Oil Filter 
(1) 244-A5399 Fuel Filter 
(1) 61701 Air Filter
(1) 279-A5399 Thermostat set, ( 2 thermostats )
(1) 280-A5399 Thermostat gasket
(2) 275-A5399 V Belts, alternator
(1) 276-A5399 V Belt, water pump

1. Adjust valve lash clearance, install new valve cover gaskets.
2. Install new oil filter elements
3. Install new air filter
4. Install new fuel filter
5. Install new thermostats and thermostat gasket.
6. Install new V belts

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Generac Generator 12.0 Liter Diesel # 0A5399 Engine Maintenance Kit